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Note - This and three other pages dealing with posting images were made long ago to primarily assist people on a forum when trying to include pictures in a post. The basic approach is still probably of some help but recent methods may vary.

This is a long overdue update (Jan 2007) now the board runs on a later version of VBulletin. It is also simplified, its purpose simply being to point newcomers to the simple method for attaching files - usually pictures. If rendered out of date again, it will still we hope act as a guide.

There are size limitations and not all file types are supported - you will see the size and file options when you get to the final window from which you upload a file. Please keep image sizes reasonable to assist download speeds for others and reduce storage space required on the server.

This first pic' below is what you should see when you have hit ''reply'' (shortened in height for this image) and where you will type out your reply message text. The various icons give options for text style changes, adding hosted images, quotes etc. From this, then scroll down .........

The 'Reply'  window,

Having scrolled down a short ways will yield this next pic' below. What matters is the ''Manage Attachments'' Button. Click on that.

You will notice already a reference to permissible file formats.

The button used for attachments

The image below shows what you should see in a small new window which opens after clicking on the "Manage Attachments" button. Below this portion shown is the list of permissible files and sizes - check that out.

Either ........... use the top field and ''Browse'' button to navigate to your image/file location on your computer hard drive, and select it and ''OK'' it. Or ........ insert the URL of the image/file source into the lower field (it may for images actually work to just 'hotlink' and place within ''img'' tags directly in the reply test window, to get a full size display).

Once info' is filled in, use the ''Upload" button and wait for confirmation of success then that window can be closed - and the whole message submitted. The attachment will show below your reply message as a thumbnail image or file name, which can then be accessed by others.

The attachment window fields

A reminder once more - keep images a sensible size. By reducing to about 640x480 pixels and applying medium compression, a .JPG need be little bigger than 60k (100k max) or so, and still look fine.

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