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Note - This and three other pages dealing with posting images were made long ago to primarily assist people on a forum when trying to include pictures in a post. The basic approach is still probably of some help but recent methods may vary.

Introduction -

There are two main approaches to this, but they share a common factor. By some means an image file has to finish up on a server - either directly on the THR server ...... or a server elsewhere. It cannot otherwise be displayed.

(NOTE - the descriptions apply to last version of VBulletin but hopefully will still help explain the basics).

Attchments to posts -

Firstly, there is the attaching of an image you have available and prepared, on your hard drive .... to a message you have written in the reply box.

The process places that image to be available on the THR server, but because the board is not set up to immediately display the image, you only see a link. The method of circumventing this will be discussed with the help of images on a dedicated page.

It is worth pointing out also - only one attachment per message can be used, and so if multiple pictures are to be posted this way, then each will require a seperate use of ''Reply''.

The ''How To'' page should help you.

''Hot linking in Posts'' -

Secondly, you may have an option to have your pictures hosted on a web site that gives free space, or even better, have your own web space somewhere. I have one or two servers where I keep images and so am able to link direct to those by writing in their URL's (addresses) into the [IMG] tags used in VBCode within reply windows.

A further option at times is to link to someone else's picture which normally shows on their site - an example being perhaps a picture of a specific gun on, say, CDNN's site. In this case you have to get the image's ''properties'' to find the correct URL and then use that. This presumes that the site in question does not disallow ''hot linking''.

The details of this approach are discussed with accompanying pictures on a dedicated page.

This page should help explain.

Depending which method you wish to use, go take a look at the most relevant page. If the explanations seem to be inadequate, I would welcome feedback in order to make improvements. The aim is to make it clear and easy for those new to it.

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