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Note - This and other pages dealing with posting images were made long ago to primarily assist people on a forum when trying to include pictures in a post. This page just covers a simple example dealing with image adjustment.

I thought I would just include one example of what I mean for this subject, with this picture of a Marlin 94 .44 carbine. It is not particularly special, imaginative or well taken but will serve to illustrate how you can prepare the image before posting.

What ''comes out of the camera'' will not always be exactly what you wanted. It may be too dark, too soft or even have colors showing with a bias toward one or another, so instead of posting it ''as is'', some judicious changes can enhance the final result.

Here (below), we have a trend towards too dark, too soft and probably a bit too much blue - it maybe lacks enough ''warmth''. I have I admit exaggerated this all a bit to make a point!

Picture - 'as is'

The main work needed is to lift brightness and contrast, with an emphasis on the mid tones. It is now improved for ''gamma'' and is looking more acceptable. However, there is still a bit more blue present than perhaps wanted ...

Brightness and contrast lifted

By finally making further adjustments to the color balance, we have removed some blue ... thus introducing more yellow. Also some red has been added plus a bit of green which makes the background nearer to its original color.

Arguably here things might be too ''warm'' for some tastes - that however is unimportant for this example, as the intention is to exaggerate the changes for a better distinction.

Color balance adjusted

Ultimately, the amount an individual wishes to alter a digital image is down to their choice ..... and available software. The objective here is to remind you that there is usually something that can be usefully done to an original image, to make it display better.

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