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Note - This and three other pages dealing with posting images were made long ago to primarily assist people on a forum when trying to include pictures in a post. The basic approach is still probably of some help but recent methods may vary.

If you are able to place your images on a server, either your own or that of a ''free'' image hosting service, then this might be your best option. Those who have their own server access will almost certainly be knowing what the URL (address) is that they need for a given image... otherwise follow this ......

We'll concentrate here on the process of ''Hot Linking'' to another site's image.

Let's start off with a reminder of the empty ''reply'' box, which comes up after clicking on a ''Reply'' button. The message/text window here is purposely truncated to reduce image size! Familiar I trust!

The main 'reply'' box and facilities

Now imagine you have written in some text ... here is the message box again. Note, the small ''IMG'' button, upper left - we will use that soon.

Reply box with some text entered.

Imagine you are visiting another site and viewing an image you want to use within your THR post. Right click on that image and select ''Properties'' at the bottom of the context menu. It will (should!) bring up the image as below ....... on which the image URL is shown. Highlight/select that.

(This is in fact a ''search'' button from THR!)

Highlighted URL text in a 'properties' box

Now, as shown below, place mouse cursor over that selected URL and right click - and ''copy''. This places that selected URL onto the ''clipboard'' ready for pasting into the THR [IMG] small window.

Using  right click - 'copy' to capture the properties URL

Now - go back to the THR reply window (or open it if not already open) .... and hit the small ''IMG'' button above the message text window. This will open the small dialog box for insertion of an image URL ..... here below we see the right click and ''paste'' set up ready to go. The ''HTTP://'' already there and highlighted, will be overwritten.

Right clcik and 'paste'' the clipboard URL into the 'IMG' small window

Now we have pasted ...... we have a URL showing which just needs an ''OK'' button hit. The URL here now is just a ''spoof'' one .... and once ''OK'd'' will appear under the message text already written, within [IMG] VBCode tags.

URL is in 'IMG' box small window

Here we are, now - we have ''OK'd'' that URL and now it is under the message text in the [IMG] tags. All that is now required is to hit the ''Submit New Thread'' button .... or ''Submit Reply'' ...... and the post is complete, along with a link that should bring up the requisite image for display.

Note, between the text and the [IMG] tag contents - hit ''return'' a couple of times so as to separate the image when displayed, from the text.

The URL is now under message text, in [IMG] tags

Let me remind you - ANY, even small, syntax error in a URL will lead to failure. Even when thought to be correct however, it is possible for failure ... due to ''Hot Linking'' being disallowed, the original image may have gone .... or there could be a server fault.

I hope this has helped outline the basic proceedure. Whether using your own server or someone else's ..... the principle of URL entry holds good as described.

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